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Insurance, You Indemnify Me: Ray Huang, Sr. Director of Marketing at Canopy Connect

On this week’s episode of Insurance, You Indemnify Me, we are honored to introduce Ray Huang. Ray is the Sr. Director of Marketing for Canopy Connect, which is becoming one of the most popular tools used by insurance agents today. Canopy is famous for easing the process of collecting client information and dec pages, but in this episode, we dive deep into everything that Canopy Connect can do for an agent. This is an episode you will not want to miss!

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Time Stamps: 
3:00 – Who are you, Ray?
8:27 – I love your creative marketing at Canopy Connect, Can you tell me about that?
12:00 – Canopy Connect collects declaration pages, but what is everything it can do?
16:30 – Many agents think of Canopy as a PL product,  but you’re saying it is for all lines of insurance?
17:50 – What percent of clients actually use this link?/What do you say to an agent who says I don’t struggle to get my client’s information without Canopy?
29:52 – Once a client fills out the link does it automatically prefill their information in my comparative rater?
31:45 – Can I send client info to Carrier raters?
32:42 – What does the development roadmap look like?
34:35 – Can you describe the golden user of Canopy Connect and how they use it?
37:45 – Is anyone using APIs with Canopy?
41:20 – What makes Canopy better than the competition?
45:50 – It’s very affordable, can you expand on the cost of Canopy?
52:30 – I constantly hear that Canopy is the bee’s knees, thank you for your time!

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